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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bootlust Cowboy Fantasy!

This booted cowboy was bored out of his mind whilst sitting in the house on his own.  Nothing much to do, he pulled his jeans down and took his soft cock out and started playing with it!

Didn't notice a burglar came in quietly and watching him wanking himself off.  When the cowboy shot his hot cum all over his shirt; the burglar knocked him out cold by surprise.

The burglar started stripping off the cowboy's clothing piece by piece, including his black cowboy boots!

Still out cold, the cowboy was lying naked unconciously on the sofa when the burglar had all his belongings!  Waht a daft cowboy - well, cowboy without boots!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cops in Trouble

Captain Brut, a dumb arse, was kipnapped and captured by a gang of outlaws for an exchange of one of their members who was sent to prison a few weeks ago. 

Captain Brut was ambushed and knocked out cold whilst on patrol. 

Taken back to an unidentified location, he was stripped naked except boots, then his arms and booted feet are tied up to a chair.

Still lying unconcisously, one of the gang members pulled down Captain Brut's underpant to make sure that his cock was fully exposed.

His colleague, Sgt Stone, another dumb arse, was desperate to rescue his captain, and decided to act without knowing it was a trap waiting for him.  Sgt Stone ended up being captured and chloroformed by the gang!

Sgt Stone was carried to the room in which Captain Brut was tied up. Seeing two booted cops lying side by side, the gang came up an evil plan.

They waked Captain Brut up and untied him.

At gun point Captain Brut was told to strip Sgt Stone naked - pulling off his patrol boots, uniform and underpant.

Then, Captain Brut was forced to perform sex act on Sgt Stone at gun point.  Without any choice, Captain Brut sucked Sgt Stone off; whilst the chloroform was wearing out Sgt Stone woke up in a shock then shot his heavy load into Captain Brut's mouth.

The whole sex act was videoed as a blackmail material after all. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Boots & Death

Just the other day, I came across a blog by Celso Junior (some of you may know him, he is kind of disappears from the internet.  However if you go to his YouTube site he has put new videos and links on recently) with some photos of wounded and dead cavalry troopers (re-enactors) in tight leather breeches and tall cavalry boots lying in the mud.   You can see a very obvious hard prick underneath the tight breeches in some photos.

According to him, there’s a documentary on the Napoleonic-era wars saying how all the wounded and dead soldiers were stripped of their uniforms and gear after a battle, or even during a battle. According to eyewitnesses, at Waterloo, there were tens of thousands of wounded and dead cavalry troopers lying atop one another on the ground in huge heaps, with their boots sticking up in the air. Immediately following the battle, the victorious soldiers began stripping the best equipment off the cavalry troopers, taking their boots and uniforms with gold braid. And then during the night, the camp followers and peasants came on to the battlefield to finish the job, taking everything and leaving the men naked on the ground. There are stories of arrogant generals in fine boots and uniforms trying to resist the plundering, but who were stabbed by a dirty barefoot peasant, who then stripped the general of his boots and uniform and left him to die naked in a heap of his own dead soldiers. For years after the battle, Belgian peasants were often seen wearing tall cavalry boots and portions of uniforms they had looted from the Waterloo battlefield.

I must admit I find the idea of stripping of cavalry officers’ boots is very erotic and makes me extremely hard and horny.  No doubt I am a fucking pervert and have a severe fetish in boots!  Having said that, don’t you find the fetish site called “Bootlust” has the similar line of thinking?  Arrogant leather booted cops being knocked out cold; stripped off their uniforms, boots and everything; lying naked and then tied up on the floor watching the thug/gangster wearing their uniform and boots!!!!!  As you know, Bootlust is still very popular with people paying serious money to watch those fetish videos and photos.  They keep on repeating the same formula to milk their members.  I suppose as long as they keep on showing shiny tall boots, nice toned bodies and stiff hard cocks, they are already winning!!!!

May I say all the dead soldiers here are re-enactors?  No disrespect to those dying for the country!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Booty Feeling

I know the weather in the UK is so warm and humid, the thought of putting my boots is quite off putting right now.  However, can you resist to touch or stare at those gorgeous boots????  Definitely, have a booty feeling this weekend. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Biker Season

It is warm and getting hot during this summer, the only chance you can wear full leather and boots is when you are riding a meaty motorbike!  Have seen loads of bikers on the road this morning.  Shame, most of them are not booted, or just booted with thos ugly motorcycle short boots!  Well, some nice looking horny leather bikers/men for you on this very hot Sunday!  Keep up the leathers, no matter it is hot or not!

 Nice to see biker in full leather, not the traditional biker gear.

 Pulling on his tall black leather dehners before a bike ride!

 Hot daddy with his meaty bike!
 Cooling off in his kitchen after a bike ride!

 Great to see him on his bike!

Jerking off after a long bike ride!

 He looks very pleased for himself sitting on his monster engine!  Nice boots!

 Ready, steady, go!

He is offering his tight arse to his pillion!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Matthew Fox, Sexy Fox

Do you remember him?  The sexy Fox at LOST.  He's such a sexy and handsome guy.  Shame he has gone a bit grey recently.  Sooner or later he will become a silver Fox!

I am sure he's a hunk too!!!! Obviously, you know that this photo is not authentic - a product of photoshop, as expected!  Still, you can dream a dream!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bondage Weekend

 Got some lovely photos of booted cops being gagged then bound on the floor or to a chair!  Have a fantastic bondage weekend, everyone!