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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Out Cold & Light Out

It is the usual formula of Bootlust - big, beefy and powerful cops or army officers are being ambushed, captured, jumped on out of the blue and then light off.  Most of them ended up either having their uniforms and tall boots removed or tied up whilst they are still booted!  Good formula to imagine those sexy muscular men are just a lump of meat - dead meat under your boots and/or control.  If you get hard whilst looking at the photos, we are definitely like-minded.

 A booted cop was knocked out cold and had his booted feet bound tightly together!

  Out cold, this booted cop had his breeches pulled down to his knees!

Another booted cop was stripped naked except boots whilst out cold!

Stripped naked except boots; lying unconsciously!

This cop was knocked unconsciously on the ground by a booted man!  Ropes were ready to tie him up!

This booted cowboy was knocked out cold by a killer lock!

This leather booted biker was knocked out cold then carried away!

 A booted army officer was stripped naked, gagged then tied to a chair whilst his own boots were lying on the top of his naked torso!  Just about cover his hard prick!

A booted leather biker was knocked out cold, handcuffed then lying in the mud!

After being knocked out cold, this booted cop was being stripped piece by piece- boots, breeches, uniform, shirt, undepants, ............ until he was totally naked! His uniform and tall boots would be kept as trophies!

 This booted cadet was knocked out cold by his own booted colleague!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Booted Leather Men in Different Shapes & Forms

Since my two week suspension I ought to be careful of not posting anything to pornographic!  I am a bad man and have been punished for not having full access for well over two weeks.  In order to punish myself, I tied myself up and then lick my own boots!!!! 

Well, here are some nice pics for you all to enjoy this weekend.  They are all booted leather men in different shapes and forms.