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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sex in Boots

Well, I think a lot of you share my fantasy - get fucked by a booted guy whilst wearing boots!!!!  Seeing two booted guys fucking each other's brain out is absolutely mind blowing.  If you have an urge of wanking yourself off after viewing the photos, please do!  I am sure I will join you..........

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Boots are delicious - you can touch, feel, sniff, lick, kiss them; or even rub them against your naked body and naked hard cock!  Whatever you fancy........................ Obviously, you have far too many choices when you come to picking the right pairs of boots!

It's great to pull off a pair of boots from a cop or rider!

Have a good sniff,

then, a good lick!

Lying on the floor licking your master's boots!

Getting hogtied, then serving your master's boots!

Stripped naked before serving a hot cop's boots!

Under boots is another scenario.

Licking boot sole!

Having your face stomped by heavy boots!

Get tied up; and have your throat pressed hard by boots!

And the ultimate scenario is getting tired up, knocked out cold then under boots!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cops in Trouble (take two)

Cops in trouble again - either being kidnapped, knocked out cold, stripped naked or tied up then force wanked.  It is hot to see those booted cops taste their own medicine - from hero to zero!!!!!

This fully clothed booted cop was handcuffed at his back; booted feet tied to the stool; and his hard prick was throbbing under his tight breeches.

 Hands tied then pinned on the floor; boots in the air!

 Won't be long this booted cop will be knocked out cold by this killer lock!

 Gagged, bound, debooted then stripped naked lying inside a public toilet!

 Cop on cop - this lucky cop was handcuffed by his own colleague, then forced to suck his hard cock!

 Another cop on cop - nice to see two booted cops in action!

 Tied up then stripped; breeches torn into pieces to show his hard cock and gleaming boots!

 Gagged and bound, then had his tits worked on!

 This cop was at gun point by his very own gun.

 This sheriff was chained then had his hard cock kicked by booted foot!

 This booted cop was ambushed then captured by a gang of outlaws!

Gagged, tied up and then forced to shoot!