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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hunky Men in Boots

Just a collection of hunky men in boots for your enjoyment.  I do like those beefy hairy men in leather pants and tall black leather boots.  Men look sexy and macho in boots and leather, don't you agree?

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Being Seduced By A Booted Master

Get tied up in full leather gear - leather chaps, leather shirt, leather cap and leather boots.

Worship his master's leather jeans and tall black leather boots.

On the ground under his master's boots!

Naked except boots - rubber waders.  Had his cock and balls tied up and pulled by metal chain; and most importantly under master's boot.

After shooting a heavy load, he was told to lick and eat his own cum off his master's boots.

Boot on his face!  Down and out.

Naked except laced boots, then tied to a metal spider web for further use and abuse by his leather master.

Stripped totally naked and seduced by a booted master!  I suppose it is the dream of every boot slave in this world.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dream a Dream

Came across this series of photos - same man; same tall black leather boots; but in different fashions!  Very nice looking man in some really trendy clothing.  I just hope all men start wearing tall boots with their daily clothing to work!!!!  Tall boots seem to go well with different clothing.  Well, I know it is only a dream, but can I dream a dream?????

Monday, 27 May 2013

German Booted Officers - Fantasy!

This is the fantasy that makes me hard and horny - Two German officers were ambushed by their enemy.  At gun point, they were forced to strip off their uniforms and pull off their tall black leather jack boots.  Two officers were then tied back to back standing naked; and their uniforms and boots were lying on the ground for further search and investigation.

One of the officers was later tied on the ground and was threatened to have his manhood cut off if he didn't cooperate and tell his interrogator all the secrets. His nake cock and body was abused and tortured until the interrogator was satisfied. 

Taken back to the barrack, the German officers were then gang raped by their interrogators!!!!! I suppose this is totally against the Geneva rules!

Men & Boots

Nice lace up boots, though it will take hours to put them on and take them off.  I suppose it is part of the fun of wearing boots!

Nice waders - not really into rubber gear, but won't say no to waders, particularly those in black.

Semi naked with leather harness, jocks and leather boots - hot man smoking cigar!

Another nice pair of lace up boots.

In full leather is always good - head to toe.  Delicious pair of boots!

They look like a pair of Dehners - the best cop boots in the world.

Nice pair of riding boots for some serious licking, sniffing and kissing.  Why don't you try it for yourself - strip naked and lick your own boots. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sadist Master

The three photos above are all about being seduced, tormented and used by a sadist master!!!! 

End of the day, it is also about the obession of having a leather booted master to worship!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Two Naked Blokes

Two blokes are having fun walking along the beach, naked and horny as hell.  Unfortunately, they ended up being captured, tied up, gagged and tortured by a sadist master!

From what we can see, the blokes are having fun being tied up. I bet they can shoot loads without touching their hard pricks!

Bootlicker and Pisstaker

The photos are very self explanatory, I hope!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bondage Mix

Once he gets tied up, he just can't stop himself not having a hard boner! 

Lucky hairy biker being captured and tortured by a booted cop.  New vid at boundgods!  Quite a hot scene if you are into such extreme pain and torture!

Sunday roast, anyone????  Surely the fire is a photoshop creation!

Always like to tie up two guys and have a thresome with them!  Better to pull their pants off before tying them up!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Cop Boots

Two booted cops have some fun with this leather booted biker.  It is the latest fant of bootlust! Daft but still very erotic in seeing booted guys playing out dumb fants!

A close up of some really sexy cop boots!  Love to own a pair of those boots.

Two leather booted cops fool around - kissing and teasing!!!!

A close up of a mighty cop boot!

A booted cop having a break sucking his cigar!!!!!