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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bootlicking Season

Christmas is coming fast and quick this year.  Hope you all have a merry Christmas.  However, make sure that you also have a pair of decent boots for enjoyment over the festive season.  Either wear them, lick them, kiss them, or even cum on them!  Whatever you like to enjoy a booty session.

 Have a go to a pair of patrol boots!

 Nice pair of boots to wear!

Always great to wear boots above knees!  Sexy!

Have a good old sniff!  The aroma of boots and feet could be very addicted.

What more can you ask for if you capture a booted cop; then lick his boots whilst his booted feet are bound tightly together????

Another pair of knee high boots!  

This skinhead is handcuffed then on his knees whilst licking and kissing his mate's DMs.

Nice chunky engineer boots - good for wearing and licking!

This captive was stripped naked then under boots, he was forced to lick his captor's boots clean!  Lucky boy!!!!

High shined leather boots - sexy to wear daily!

Can't be better to wear a pair of boots whilst you are naked!

Chaps and boots are a good combination!

Another pair of chunky engineer boots!

Wesco big boss thigh boots is the king of boots - expensive but extremely sexy to wear and lick!

Just a pair of good old leather boots - good to feel and touch!

If you have a slave boy, don't waste their boot licking talent!  You will have a pair of gleaming boots every day!

Tucked between a pair of boots whilst licking boots.  Nice position to be!

Another hard working slave working on a pair of Dehner patrol boots!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Double Trouble 2014

No matter what sort of play or state you are, it is great to have a booted guy to play with.  Seeing double is not always trouble!!!!!