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Sunday, 16 March 2014

My dear friend in Germany

I always have a soft spot on German, as I think and also believe they are the most gorgeous people in the world!  I have been a friend with this gorgeous and handsome German for over 20 years.  Just like to share some of his photos with you, and make you really jealous that I have such a good looking boot friend!!!!  Won't give you his name and location, as he's mine - LOL!!!!!

He is a real boot-man wearing boots really well with or without leather uniforms!

Friday, 7 March 2014

More Bootlust Fants

Bootlust has quite a large collection of photos telling different stories about cops and leather booted guys.  Most of the fantasies are about submission, captivity and humiliation.  After all these years, most stories have been recycled, reused and repeated.  Having said that, some of them are still very good in terms of getting you horny and hard!

 A young officer was captured and forced to shoot his load hand free!

 A booted riding teacher was knocked out cold by his rival!

 This booted cop was forced to shoot his load all over his own boots!

 Two booted cops were knocked out cold, lying on top of each other!

 This booted cop was knocked unconscious and had his breeches pulled down to his knees.

 At gun point, this police officer was forced to lick his colleague's boots!

 A young recruit was abused by his superior!

Another young recruit fell victim to his horny superior!

 The captor pulled off his victim's boots as trophies!

 Two police officers were tied and gagged by gangsters!

A booted traffic cop was ambushed by a horny biker!

Monday, 3 March 2014