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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cowboys in boots

Always like cowboys, don't know why!  Could be the boots and the rough looking image of cowboys!  Or perhaps, just because of their stiff hard pricks!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thom Evans - what a lovely man

Thom Evans - Scottish ex-rugby player is absolutely gorgeous.  He is on the current Attitude (UK gay magazine) if you like to see his latest photo shots!

He looks all kinds of hot - sexy and attractive with a nice smile.

He got a really bad neck injury a few years ago, that's the reason why he turns into modeling and acting.  Well, I've never seen him act.  He said he could be the next Mr. Darcy!  Well, we all have to wait, haven't we?

He posed totally naked with his brother Max back in 2010. He's got a lovely uncut thick cock, of which he should be proud!  Sorry guys, he is straight.  I am sure no doubt he will turn guys into gay!  What a gorgeous man, and he is Scottish too!  What more can you ask for, eh??????