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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Biker Season

It is warm and getting hot during this summer, the only chance you can wear full leather and boots is when you are riding a meaty motorbike!  Have seen loads of bikers on the road this morning.  Shame, most of them are not booted, or just booted with thos ugly motorcycle short boots!  Well, some nice looking horny leather bikers/men for you on this very hot Sunday!  Keep up the leathers, no matter it is hot or not!

 Nice to see biker in full leather, not the traditional biker gear.

 Pulling on his tall black leather dehners before a bike ride!

 Hot daddy with his meaty bike!
 Cooling off in his kitchen after a bike ride!

 Great to see him on his bike!

Jerking off after a long bike ride!

 He looks very pleased for himself sitting on his monster engine!  Nice boots!

 Ready, steady, go!

He is offering his tight arse to his pillion!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Matthew Fox, Sexy Fox

Do you remember him?  The sexy Fox at LOST.  He's such a sexy and handsome guy.  Shame he has gone a bit grey recently.  Sooner or later he will become a silver Fox!

I am sure he's a hunk too!!!! Obviously, you know that this photo is not authentic - a product of photoshop, as expected!  Still, you can dream a dream!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Bondage Weekend

 Got some lovely photos of booted cops being gagged then bound on the floor or to a chair!  Have a fantastic bondage weekend, everyone!