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Friday, 23 January 2015


Good to see guys in boots, leather and uniforms. However, it is better to see them being humiliated, overpowered by their own colleagues or captors.  The following photos show how big, powerful and muscular booted men being tied up, collared and knocked out cold in a very sexy way!

 This booted cop was metal chained by a guy with trainers!

 This muscular cop was knocked out cold; had his gun confiscated by a street kid!  How could this happen!

 A cavalry soldier was wounded, then captured and tied to the four pole position!

 Two cowboys had their boots pulled off before tying to the four pole position!

 This booted cop was knocked out cold; and had his booted pulled off as a trophy!

 This cop tried to rescue one of his colleagues who was gagged and bound by gangsters! I believe he was then ambushed and captured by the gang afterwards!  Hot thought of having two booted cops captured!

 Another booted cop bite the dust!

 What better position could it be than under boot and lick boot????

 Collared then straight-jacketed by a booted cop - wet dream for most!

 Two naked cowboys hog-tied with their cowboy boots on.  Lucky sod!

 This cop was ready for some cavity search whilst he's still booted!

 Two poor booted cops were ambused then knocked out cold; lying on the floor having their uniforms and boots pulled off!

 Under a pair of boots! 

 This booted cop was being kicked to his groin at gun point!  Painful but I bet his hard prick would get harder!!!!

 Two booted army officers were tied up side by side following a seige!  Will be sent to camp for interrogation and further abuse

 This booted cop was stripped down to his boots; having his booted feet bound tightly together and chained to a table!

 In a submissive position, this booted bloke is ready for some hard actions!

 One boot was already pulled off, this booted cop's butt was slashed severely!

 A skinhead in a submissive position, begging for mercy!

 Gagged, handcuffed then under boot.  What more can you ask for???

 This muscle man was captured by a booted cop as a plaything!  His prick was stomped by heavy boot to make sure that it would keep hard for a longer period.

 Collared then force to lick boots clean, lucky slave!

 Blindfolded, gagged and on his knees, this booted slave had his prick rubbing against his master's boots!  

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cum 2015

I always like to cum on tall black boots!  I know my best friend in Germany loves it too.  If you are into the same thing then enjoy the photos. If not, you can try it yourself, you won't be disappointed.  As you can see, some guys can cum a lot!!!!!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy 2015

Hello everyone, happy 2015. Have a bootlicious year with loads of booted men and boot actions!