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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Overpowered (II)

It is great to know you like the Overpowered post.  Got another batch of photos seeing tough booted macho guys being overpowered by their captors!!!!  Enjoy and keep it hard for me.

This hairy hunk was stripped naked; then collared and cuffed by his captor.

This booted cop was chained and cuffed by his captor.

 Stripped naked except boots, this lucky cop was hog-tied with his booted feet bound tightly together.

 This cop was stripped off his boots, belt and pistol by his captor.  

 Gagged and bound on a barber chair, this officer saw his captor putting on his boots and uniform.

 Two booted officers were drugged by his captor.  Piece by piece their uniforms and boots were stripped off until they were totally naked.

 This German booted cop was ambused then hog-tied by his captor.

 This thigh booted guy was man-handled by a leather cop!

 This booted cop was gagged and tied up; then had his cock and balls poked by a night stick!

 This lucky booted cop had his arse licked and served.

 Another lucky cop got his arse licked and cleaned.

Hog-tied and gagged with his shiny boots on.

 Bound and chained with his boots on.

 Under boots whilst wearing boots!

 This booted guy was captured then whipped whilst tying to a A frame.

 Blindfolded and bound; then serving his captor's tasty boots!

This muscular security guard was jumped on by surprise.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Booted Valentine

Well, happy Valentine's Day to you all.  Pick and choose one of the following booted men to be your Valentine today!  To be quite frank, I love to have them all.  Yes, I am greedy; and I am sure you feel the same.