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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter 2015 Treats

Hello everyone.  Easter is just round the corner.  Would be nice to treat yourself with some really hot leather booted guys over the Easter holiday.  Enjoy!

 Sexy thigh boots with white sam browne belt

 Classical German leather cop gear

 Full black leather from head to toe

 Sexy leather jockstrap

 Sexy hunky booted guy

 Another sexy hunk in boots

 Kind of Canadian mounted cop in black leather

 Hairy daddy in German leather cop gear and chunky leather boots

 Nazi SS officer in his full masterful uniform and tall black leather boots

 Full black leather gear

 Another one

 American cop in tall black leather Dehner boots

 Another chunky leather boots

 Full leather gear again

 Wearing tall black leather boots and leather jeans in the wood

 Big daddy in his prime position

 Spread those booted feet wide apart please
 Lick my boots now

 A very handsome leather booted man

 WWII army soldier in tall black leather boots

 Full leather gear from head to toe again

 An American army cadet in tall brown leather boots

 Wesco big boss boots - masterful 

 Sitting pretty in full leather gear

 German army officer in black leather boots

 Full leather biker

 Hunky daddy in jockstrap and tall black boots. Nice bulge

 Sexy torso

Leather booted daddy smoking cigar

 Two leather booted blokes

 A very sexy booted man

 A booted man is holding his arse
 Daddy in boots

 Very smart riding boots

 Daddy in full leather uniform and tall black boots

 Nice shiny gleaming boots

 Good view of his tall boots

 A skinny but sexy cowboy spreads his booted feet wide apart on a sofa.

 Full leather gear

 Denim and boots go well together

 A sexy and handsome bearded bloke in leather gear

 Booted cowboy

 Hot sexy leather uniform

 This leather booted guy is admiring his own boots

Sexy hunk