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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Overpowered (IV)

Carry on the theme of "Overpowered" - big, muscular, butch and strong guys being overpowered whilst they are still in their uniforms, boots or leather!!!!!  Can't have enough of seeing big beefy guys being tied up and being underdog!

 Two cops were wrestling on the ground.  The loser had to strip naked and lost his uniform and boots!

 This booted cop was hog-tied and tortured by his captor.

 Tied up and gagged by his booted captor!

 This biker was tied to his own bike then raped by a booted but naked cop!

 This cop was man-handled by his colleagues!  Gloved fingers got up his tight arse!

 This cop was knocked out cold then stripped by his captor!

 Gagged and bound by a leather booted cop!

 Three guys in thigh waders having fun.

 A leather biker was captured then interrogated by a leather booted cop!

 Fucked by a thigh waders wearing guy!

 Handcuffed then told to eat arse!

 Another thigh waders wearing guy had fun with his captive.

 This leather booted cop got a big prize - fully leathered biker in bondage!

 At gun point, this lucky guy had a golden shower treatment!

 Chained by his captor, this waders wearing guy knelt and waited for his fate!

 Treated like a piece of dead meat by his booted captor!

 A booted cop was captured then tortured by a booted army officer!

 Two booted cops had some fun in bed!

You are mine, boy!  Take this padlock as a token of ownership!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Old Black & White

Came across some really old  black and white photos showing guys in uniforms and tall boots.  Very homo-erotic from the look of them!  Enjoy!!!!!
 A group of young soldiers posing in front of the camera.  Very nice tall black leather boots

 A senior officer was spending some quite moment with his junior!  

 A full leather booted courier was going to deliver his item!

 A groups of young booted soldiers having a nap.

 Two young soldiers were sunbathing whilst having their tall boots on. 

 An army officer took a photo of his booted colleague.

Band of brothers!  Well, booted brothers!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Face Off - Bootlust Fantasy

This fantasy is about a booted cop and a booted cowboy!  Weird combination but it is hot as hell seeing two booted guys fighting for their lives.

The cop thought he'd got an upper hand of having a pistol to order the cowboy to surrender his cowboy boots.

Out of the blue, the cowboy managed to disarm the cop and then wrestling with him on the ground.

The cowboy managed to suffocate the cop by using his killer hold technique!  The cop felt the light was turning off when the cowboy tightened his grip on him.

Lying unconsciously on the ground, the cowboy was ready to take his prize - the cop boots and uniform!

Without knowing the cop was pretended being knocked out by the killer hold, the cowboy tasted his own medicine - being knocked out cold by the cop this round!

With no mercy, the cowboy was stripped naked, then spread-eagled and pinned on the ground.  The cop took the cowboy boots as his trophy!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Overpowered (III)

In this third edition, more muscular and powerful booted men are turned into underdogs.  They
were all humiliated by their captors, either having their boots and uniforms removed, or getting tied up, gagged and blindfolded.  I am sure you will enjoy this latest edition of "overpowered".

 This booted army officer thought he was going to have a haircut ended up having his uniform stripped off by his captor. His tall black shiny boots would be next!

 This NAZI officer was knocked out cold by his captor during a fight.  First of all they pulled off his German officer boots, then his uniform would be next.

 This commando fought hard in the battle. Unfortunately, he was defeated and captured by his booted captor.  

 This commando was stripped naked then gagged and bound by his captor.

 Two booted cops were ambushed when they were having sex in a small motel while on duty.  The captor pulled off their tall boots and uniforms before taking photos for future blackmail. 

 This waders wearing bloke was man handled by two leather men!

 This army soldier was told to suck his own pistol.

 Wearing skin tight jodhpurs, this booted guy was tied to a A frame for some canning!

 Down and under - licking his captor's boots!

 This booted punk met his match finally!

 Two senior NAZI army officers were drugged by their captor in a hotel.  Putting them in a compromised position for some photo taking!  Good materials for blackmail.

 This booted cop was attacked by a booted gangster who was using chloroform.

 This booted cop was chained and gagged!

This motor cop was knocked down by a leather biker, who just wanted to have the cop's boots!

Wearing gas mask and thigh waders, he got his captive chained and knelt in front of him.

Two cops were ambushed by two gangsters, who stole their uniforms and tall boots for some impersonalisation.  Hog tied and naked on the floor the two cops had to watch their uniforms and tall boots taken away from them!  

This sadistic booted captor stole his captive's boots then whipped him!

This leather booted biker was no match to his masculine booted cop!  At gun point he begged for mercy.

Wrapped his spurred and booted legs around his captive! Pointing the sharp spur against his torso!

This booted cop was stripped naked except boots before tying to a bondage devise!

This muscular booted cop was gagged and handcuffed by his own colleagues!  Kneeling on the floor his booted feet were bound tightly together. 
Cop on cop! Two booted cops just had a fight over who is the boss!