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Monday, 22 June 2015

Overpowered (V)

After last post - good old bondage, I continue the Overpowered series to show you how strong, muscular and powerful guys being overpowered by their unexpected enemies.  Whilst they are lying unconscious on the ground their uniforms, leather and tall black leather boots will be stripped off from their well trained and ripped bodies. Well, who is powerful now????  Enjoy!!!!!

 A booted cop was blindfolded, gagged and bound by his captor.

 A senior officer was knocked out cold and had his tall brown leather boots pulled off by his captor.

 This handsome booted rider was fed with a ball gag then hog tied on a leather stool. 

 Two NAZI officers were drugged then had their boots and uniforms stripped off.

 A booted cop was knocked out cold before tied up in a spread eagle style.

 Another booted cop bite the dust and had his uniform, leather duty belt and tall black leather boots pulled off.

 A gunslinger was wounded by his opponent.  Surely his boots will be the trophy of the winner!

 Stripped off his uniform and tall boots, then socks until this booted cop was totally naked!

 A booted cop was tasered to death in his own kitchen.

 Two NAZI officers were knocked out cold then captured by an Allied soldier.  To proceed the captivity, he had to take off their uniforms and tall boots before hog-tying them.

 Whilst this NAZI officer was lying unconscious on the ground, an Allied soldier started stripping off his boots and socks!

 Two booted motorcycle cops were ambushed then knocked out cold. Their leather jackets, breeches and tall black leather Dehner boots were stripped off as trophies.
 A booted biker was taken then hog tied on the floor.

 A booted cop received a full bondage treatment.

 This young and handsome booted officer had his first lesson being stripped search by an outlaw!

 This booted police officer was attacked, then gagged and bound on his own bed by an intruder. 

 This muscular booted biker was overpowered by a much stronger booted man!

 At gun point, this booted cop surrendered and knelt in front of his booted superior!

 Two booted cops were ambushed by his own colleague who wanted their  tall black gleaming boots!

 Two NAZI officers were tied and bound side by side.

 A booted cowboy broke loose from the handcuffs and rope.  

 Two booted cops received spreadeagle treatment - stripped naked then pinned on the ground having their naked feet spread widely!

 A booted cop turned on his colleague by pinning him down on the floor!  Just imagine the sound of those boots rubbing to each other!!!

A NAZI officer was drugged by an Allied booted officer who wore tall brown leather boots.  Brown on Black??!!!!???!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Good Old Bondage

Good to see some really good old bondage - men in boots, leather or uniform being tied up, gagged and blindfolded.  Hot scenes for you all to enjoy!

 A handsome booted rider was captured then bound!

 A motorcycle cop was stripped off his boots then tied up in front of his bound boots!

 Another booted cop was bound then gagged!

 A booted cop was captured then nicely tied up.  Good rope work!

 Bound and gagged!

 Gloved hands bound at his back!

 A sheriff was stripped to his pants and boots, then gagged and bound!

 Another booted cop was gagged and bound!

 Stripped naked except his Wesco Boss Boots, this dude was tied and bound by chains!

 A motorcycle cop was stripped naked then tied up!

 A cowboy was hog-tied wearing his pointed toe cowboy boots!

 Two booted cowboys were captured and tied up by a booted cop!

 Cowboy in brown boots!

 And this' the one in black cowboy boots!

 A booted cop and his captive were both ambushed by a third party, ended up being tied up and gagged side by side!

 Two booted leather chaps lads were hog-tied side by side!

 Nice work of hog-tying a leather booted lad!

 Handcuffed at the back then masked!

 Nice rope work of hog-tying!

 A booted rider was spreadeagled then tied to a bed.  The captive had a go to squeeze his tight balls and hard prick!

 A leather booted guy was tied to a A frame then whipped!

 Another good example of hog tying a leather booted cop!

 This motorcycle booted cop was handcuffed by his own cuffs!

 A leather booted man was bound and down!

A motorcycle booted cop was duct taped then bound!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pull off my BOOTS

Some really nice photos seeing boots being pulled off, either willingly or unwillingly!