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Friday, 17 July 2015

In Love with Waders

Thigh boots have its sex appeal to a lot of people.  Rubber hip/thigh waders are one of the most popular items. In terms of price they could be very expensive if you go for a good brand and high quality.  Anyway, WESCO boss boots are the King of leather thigh boots after all.  I have a couple of WESCO boss to satisfy your appetite.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Fantasy of Stripping

Love the thought of stripping a cop or leatherman naked.  Having their uniforms and boots (yes, boots) as trophies after knocking them out cold like a piece of dead meat (yes, the meat could be extremely meaty)!  This is one of my hot fantasies, hope you agree with me and enjoy the photos.

First of all, you need to gas a group of leather booted cops, pile them up before stripping them naked!

 Of course, you have to choose the best specimen - such as, nice muscular body, high shine tall black leather boots, etc.

 Bit by bit, pull off their uniforms, boots, socks then underpants until they are stark naked in your mercy!

 Great to pull off those shiny gleaming tall black leather boots, then go for their smelly men socks!  Well, if you are into feet and smelly socks, this could be your most sensational bit of stripping off.

Now, in order to reward you of stripping off their uniforms and boots, they are your trophies to keep.  You can either wear them (if they fit your size), or you can sniff, lick and taste them as you wish!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Men in Boots (Summer Version)

If you think the weather is too warm for men wearing boots, then you are very wrong!  Men and boots are linked - no men no boots; no boots no men!  Got it????  Enjoy all different shapes and forms of men in boots.  Watch out those killer thigh boots, which are extremely sexy and horny.