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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hot Men in Hot Boots

Hello everyone, hope you have a nice summer time. I know it could be too hot to wear boots and leather during the hot summer time. However, seeing hot men wearing hot boots isn't seasonal.  Be a man, wear boots whenever you want to!!!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Down and Light Out

I get excited and turned on when seeing guys (particularly those guys in boots, uniform and leather) out cold and unconscious.  You can do whatever you like to them, including pulling off their boots, stripping their clothes off and then playing with their private!  Yes, I know it sounds like a dirty old man, but I am - old and dirty minded!!!!!  If you are also turned on by the photos, you are part of my dirty old men club!

  A booted cop was captured then spreadeagled with his hands tied up.  Love those boots!  Pull them off for me.

 A farm boy in rubber boots was found unconscious lying on the ground.

 A booted cop was knocked out cold then dragged by his captor!

 Another booted cop bite the dust!

 Two Nazi officers were stripped naked by an Allied spy!

 A captor showing off his trophy - tall black leather boot after captured a booted traffic cop!

 A booted farm boy was stripped by his captor!  Boots first then the rest!

 A booted cavalry soldier was killed by several arrow shots!

 A cowboy was drugged then captured by a b&b owner!  He wants his boots!

 A booted traffic cop was strangled by his attacker.

 Two NAZI officers were knocked out cold by an Allied soldier.  Not wasting any time, their NAZI boots and uniforms were stripped and confiscated.