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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Good Old Bondage

Back to the basic about the ethos of this site - bootbound, I am showing you some really sexy and horny pics of booted men being bound and gagged.  Enjoy and wank happily!

  Hog tie is always a sexy position to tie up a booted guy!

 Full bondage to a booted German officer!

 Gagged and bound!!!!!

 This booted cop was knocked out cold then had his booted feet bound!

 A smartly suited and booted rider in different bound positions.

 A handsome rider in front hog tie position.

 A booted cop was stripped down to his knees then bound.

 A booted cop was blindfolded, gagged then bound facing down on the ground.

 Another hog tie position of a booted cop.

 Two German officers were knocked out cold, then bound on the floor.  Putting them in a compromise position for future blackmail.

A booted soldier was man handled by his captor!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Seeing Double and More Trouble

Good to see two booted guys having fun - either in a vanilla or kinky situation.  Boots are the main attraction to me when it comes to men!  Love the thought of two booted guys rubbing their boots against each other!  Can smell their boots from here.  Enjoy!!!!!!

 Two Nazi officers were drugged, de-booted then stripped naked.  Just imagine both of them were executed by a firing squad - naked and no boots!

 Two booted cops have some fun with their night sticks!

 Two booted cops have a passionate snog in boots!

 Two workmen in yellow wellies are having fun in their hi-vi overalls.

 Two army officers have a private moment in their barrack when on one is around!  Can imagine their high shine boots rubbing each other when they have sex later on.

 A jockey was drugged then de-booted by his colleague.

 This rubber-up guy has fun with a waders wearing hunk!

 Two booted cavalry soldiers are under attacked  - one dead and the other one is going to die side by side!!!!
 Get down on his knees to serve his booted master.

 Two Nazi officers have a snog!

 An army soldier tries to snog his senior officer, but was told to back off at gun point!

 Two petrol cops explore each other's package!

 Two rubber guys are having fun!

 Two semi naked booted officers are having fun.

 A police officer takes off his colleague's boots!

 Two army officers in boots and smart uniforms! Nice spurs and riding boots!

 A booted daddy finds his booted pup!

 Two petrol cops are having sex whilst in their boots!

 A blindfolded and booted sub is man-handled by his booted master!

 One naked except boots and one fully clothed booted!  Can imagine naked skin rubs against leather and boots!  Sensational!

 A booted cop is worshipped and admired by his naked colleague!

 Master and slave, both in boots!

 Two booted cops are having fun on a snooker table!

A sadistic master whips his booted slave!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Boots Worshippers

You really can't resist a pair of nice tall black leather boots, particularly when they are well worn by those hunky fellas!  I am proud to be one of those boots worshippers!  Will you join me?