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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Booted Men

Haven't posted anything here for a while, as I am really enjoying posting photos on the Instagram - www.instagram.com/bootsod2020.  Go and check it out.

Thanks for those following me at www.bootsbound.tumblr.com. I have 190 followers over there now.  As I said I am going to move everything to tumblr gradually.  Bookmark my tumblr page then you will see my latest posts there!

Some nice booted men to share with you on a very wet and windy day!  They are all gorgeous!!!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Group of Booted Men

It is a rare scene to see group of booted men walking around the street.  Most of the time will be a group of police officers or army guards carrying out their duties.  Sometimes, if it is a horse riding event, you may be lucky enough to see a lot of men wearing tall leather riding boots!  Here are some to feed your hunger of seeing a group of booted men!

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