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Friday, 12 August 2016


Hello everyone, hope you all have a lovely summer!  Maybe a bit too hot to talk about boots and leather.  However, I just want to tell you a very good offer.  I bought a pair of leather boots from an Italian company called www.runnerbull.com two months ago.  Their tailor-made boots are absolutely awesome.  Nice leather, good craftmanship and most importantly fantastic customer service.  Apart from thigh boots they also make a lot of different kinds of tall leather boots!  If you fancy to order any boots from them you can get a 10% discount by coding "Chris Reader" in your communication with them.  Now, I am showing off the thigh boots I ordered from them.  I wear them nearly every day/night!!!!!  
 In my blue jeans!

 In my leather one piece suit!

In my leather biker outfit!